Company maintains In-house Quality Control Procedures (IQCP) to give the best quality material to the buyers. Quality procedures start right from the mine or raw materials till the loading of product. Regular samples have been taken from the crude ore and raw materials reaching our facility based on the specs it is unloaded at differed prescribed marked points in the premises of the units. While production, Regular samples have been taken for every hour and check them at the lab and stock the material at the warehouse after confirmation from the lab. Further company has nominated SGS Lab for continuously monitoring the quality for the daily production at the Company facilities and BV, SGS & Intertek Moody labs to test the products before every dispatch. Company maintains material production strictly as per API, ISO Standards.

Health, Safety & Environment

The Company gives lot of importance to Health, safety and environment of the staff, labor and the surroundings. The Company has registered its staff and labors under ESI, where they get regular checkups and free medication. Company has provided the labor with protecting masks, protective wares and helmets. Company also educates the labors to maintain hygienic surroundings and atmosphere in and around the units. Company also raised trees around our facilities to get the freshness of the nature.