Company is the oldest & largest Manufacturer for the product API Barite in India with a current production Capacity of 18,000 – 20,000 Mts of Barite production per Month, located in Kadappa & Mangampet, near to the Barite Mines, serving the Oil drilling companies for the past 4 decades. The first pulverizing unit was set up in the year 1974 with imported & rented machinery and today the company proudly announces its growth to have 6 pulverizing Units out of which four units are in Kadapa and two units in Mangampet, near the Barite mines.

Production, Storage & Quality Control of Barite: It is equipped with latest pulverizing facilities having capacity to grind 200,000 Mts per annum and has very good store capacity to store around 25,000 Mts of Barite Powder and adequate space to store Barite Ore. We maintain a balance stock of around 20,000 Mts of Barite ore every month so that we can cater our buyers in a critical situation also. We have regular supplies from APMDC and has good and experienced skilled labor, which include 18 Supervisors, 20 operators, 60 skilled labors and 150 unskilled labors. We have an excellent lab facility for testing of Barite. Our quality control starts from the raw material to till the finished product is loaded. Further We have nominated SGS Lab for continuously monitoring the quality for the daily production at the Company facilities.